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Front Desk Chicago June 2011 | Modern Luxury

Funny Fest

Laughter is the name of the game for this third annual event.


What started as a small two-day Francophone comedy festival in Montreal 27 years ago has become the largest festival of its kind in the world. And, more importantly for us, has grown to include spin-offs in other cities.


Now in its third year, the Twix Presents: TBS Just For Laughs Chicago draws the best and wittiest names in comedy to various venues around town, and this year is no exception. Or as Bruce Hills, COO of Just for Laughs, puts it, “This year we have not only met our dream list, we have exceeded it. Chicago audiences are in for quite a treat.” With big names such as Steve Martin and Martin Short (June 19), Joel McHale (June 17) and George Lopez (June 18), we couldn’t agree more. In addition, the six-day festival includes sketch shows, specialty acts and films. Just try and keep a straight face.

Front Desk Chicago December 2010 | Modern Luxury

Cocoa Loco


The Peninsula Hotel goes chocoholic on us


After a recent revamp, the Peninsula’s weekend chocolate buffet is more indulgent than ever. Get your sugar fix at these four stations.


A prix-fixe menu features savory dishes all uniquely infused with chocolate, such as sea bass dusted with cocoa nibs. Choco-cocktails, just as much a dessert as they are a drink, peak with the S’mores, a cocoa Martini rimmed with melted marshmallow.


At the Chocolate Bar, the centerpiece of the room tables overflow with hand-crafted delicacies: chocolate Moelleux raspberry compote, chocolate-dipped beignets, chocolate cake Feuilletine, chocolate-dipped strawberries and airy chocolate flan.


Finally, there’s the Candy Shop, with lighter pairs —macarons, truffles — for the unlimited coffee, cappuccino, and espresso that you’ll need to help break loose on the dance floor, featuring a live jazz trio.


As they say, it ain’t over until the chanteuse sings.

CS December 2010 | Modern Luxury

Model Behavior



Fashion photographer Nigel Barker drew a crowd at Macy’s during a book signing for Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation. We spoke with (and stared at!) the America’s Next Top Model judge.

What inspired you to write this book?


“Beauty consumes every magazine. The book talks about makeup and general beauty tips but also focuses on authenticity. Women need to look more at inner beauty.”

What does it mean to be beautiful?


“I’m constantly asked, ‘Am I beautiful enough to be a model?’ But to be a model is not to be beautiful. Beauty is all about the individual, authenticity and passion. It’s inspiring to think of beauty from the inside out.”

What’s next?


“I’m working on a documentary focusing on the Humane Society’s Protect Sharks campaign. I’m the spokesperson, and we have been trying to protect sharks and seals from humans behaving appallingly at the expense of innocent creatures. The documentary will bring light to this issue and show what it means to be truly humane.”


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